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Professional Fees:    
• Psychiatric Evaluation -
$375 Child/Adolescent / $350 Adults
[generally 1-1.5 hours;
includes charting, etc.]
Minors must be accompanied by parent / guardian for evaluation and most follow ups
• Medication Management -
$120 - up to 30 minutes
• Psychotherapy Med Management
$160 - 30 to 45 minutes
• Phone Contacts / Letters Written etc: Any contact outside of a schedule appointment (including contact with or for your insurance company) will be billed at the above rates.
• Payments for services are expected at time of service by cash, check or credit card. Dr. Gentile provides clients with necessary information so they can bill their insurance company but will not be on any plans other than OSU. For clients insured through OSU plan, Dr. Gentile will accept a co-pay and bill insurance.

Download pdf form of fees & terms information >>

Cancellations & No-Shows

“No Show “ Appointments will be billed to clients at the full fee. Note that insurance companies will not reimburse clients for no-shows. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be billed to cleint at 25% of full fee.

All contact including treatment is confidential and may not be released without the client's expressed written permission. There are two exceptions to this; 1) if client or client's child becomes a danger to self or others; 2) and if client or client's child are involved in child abuse. In these situations MD's are legally bound to break confidentiality in order to protect those involved.

Emergencies & After Hours
Dr. Gentile's voicemail is 614-228-7275 extension 2 and is checked at least twice daily on weekdays and once on weekends. In event of emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your appropriate emergency room or urgent care. Riverside Hospital Behavioral Health also provides emergency services at 614-566-5056

About Accepted Insurance:
Dr. Gentile's practice is part of the Ohio State University insurance plan.  However, most of Dr. Gentile's practice is 'fee for service' which means clients pay for the appointments and seek reimbursement from their insurance company independently.

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